Postures: the Guides - The Dynamics of Standing Still

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Postures: the Guides

Zhan Zhuang

Postures: the guides

Instead of trying to influence the respiration and circulation by direct mental control, we take good care of the physical posture, and use that as a guide. Initially, practising Zhan Zhuang is merely imitating an ideal posture, shown by a teacher, or expressed in a photo in a book. In time the understanding of our own body and mind will be shaped by this template. The path of practice will be full of adventure, discovery and joy. The process cannot be forced and asks for patience and a mentality of cultivation.

Just as Buddhist meditation starts with a physical posture as the foundation for integrating the body, mind and spirit, so in Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung
training we use the various postures as a template by which we can identify any habitual distortions we may have developed at the level of movement, intention and self-image

In every chapter an exercise, uncomplicated but essential, is presented. I hope practicing and exploring them give you as much fulfillment and fascination as they have given me.

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