Practice - The Dynamics of Standing Still

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Zhan Zhuang


You can practice it once in a while, or every day, at a basic level, or you can explore it at the advanced level, refined in all its details. For some practitioners this art means a lifetime of study, others are happy with just an introductory course. The practice can be done in standing postures, but you can also do it sitting and or lying down. At every level, and in so many settings, the training can offer great benefits.
Practise Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung
like a gardener, doing a little every day, without hurry or too much focus on achieving some sort of goal. But practise consistently and observe yourself accurately and objectively. This way you will deepen your understanding of the natural functioning of breath and body. Instead of forcing the breath, we can invite it to reside again in the entire body.
Use the practice in daily activities, in the kitchen when you are cutting vegetables, doing the dishes, while writing, eating, playing the piano, waiting for the bus or while driving your car.
Just starting, without thinking too much, or trying too hard.

The art of standing still is the art of doing less, and yet gaining much.

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